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Jiangsu Juneng Machinery Co.,ltd. a global group enterprise engaged in producing filters, separators and pressure vessels. It is divided into Juneng Machinery (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Juneng Machinery (China) Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Juneng Machinery Co., Ltd. The company has established large production bases in Hong Kong, Nanjing, Wuxi, and Yixing separately. The company mainly engages in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing filter equipment, separation equipment and pressure vessel. At present, it has developed into a leader of in filter, separation and pressure vessel industries in China, and it is an international well-known supplier.
The company occupies 280000m2, with building area of 185000m2. Annual sales turnover is more than 600 million Yuan RMB. There are more than 1300 employees, 50 of which have high-grade professional title, and 320 have middle-grade professional title. There are more than 2,000 large-sized production equipment. The company is capable of manufacturing more than 5,000 filtering machines, more than 2,000 separators and more than 1,000 pressure vessels and non-standard equipment each year.
Juneng has engaged in design and production for more than 30 years. It has over 50 proprietary technologies. Market share is above 80%. Our products have been successfully used in chemical, pharmaceutical, grease, food, beverage, mineral product, paint, and other industries.
The company owns perfect research, detection and inspection centers, owns more than 300 inspection equipment. Based on advanced equipment, high-level inspection personnel, strict quality control, we can guarantee high ex factory pass rate of products.
Juneng has perfect quality management system, complete records for quality control and management, thus it can assure the customers of high -quality products.
We strive to bring users more profits with international advanced technology, abundant field experience, environment-friendly products and value-added services. Meanwhile, we'll offer you high-quality technical services and after-sales services.
Qualification and honors
Pressure vessel manufacturing licence; Pressure vessel design licence;
EC separator CE certification; ASME "U" steel seal certification;
China separator CCS certification; ISO9001 international quality system certification;
Yixing filter and separating equipment enterprise R&D center Science-technology enterprise design center of Wuxi city
Jiangsu high-tech enterprise; Industry-university-research cooperation base of Henan University of Technology
Observing contract and valuing credit enterprise in Wuxi Wuxi well-known trademark
Credit rating AAA level enterprise Sinopec resource market supplier
PetroChina A class supplier  
Honors in recent three years (2010 to 2013)
Star enterprise of Yixing city Labor security integrity unit
Sales increase top-10 enterprises Top-10 input enterprises
Key enterprise in environmental protection industry Top-10 trustworthy pesticide instrument supplier of China
Top-10 enterprises of chemical separating equipment in China China chemical equipment top-100 enterprises
Top-10 contribution enterprises
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